Futurist Roxanne Meadows – There Has to be a better way

The Venus Project – a remarkable vision for a world beyond politics, poverty and war – has been the life work of Jacques Fresco  (https://www.thevenusproject.com/the-venus-project/).  And for over 40 years, Roxanne Meadows worked alongside Mr. Fresco to design, build and communicate this model for a futuristic society.   Join us as we explore a world with less discrimination and more collaboration, where resource-based societies overcome wealth-based economies.  That is our conversation this evening….join us.

On April 19th Ms. Meadows will present the state of this project since Mr. Fresco’s passing.

The project’s campus in Venus, Florida embodies the concepts envisioned by Jacques Fresco for a practical, sustainable community.  This is described by them as a fresh, holistic approach – one that is dedicated to human and environmental concerns. It is an attainable vision of a bright and better future, one that is appropriate to the times in which we live, and both practical and feasible for a positive future for all the world’s people.


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