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Leadership Academy is Poynter’s premier seminar for high-potential managers. This highly-interactive five-day program offers participants the chance to refine their leadership styles, update their understanding of management and media trends and tools, and receive the personal coaching necessary to accelerate their effectiveness as leaders.

Application deadline is September 8th.

Apply today at http://about.poynter.org/training/in-person/macad-17

You’ll learn how to:

Adjust your leadership style to be the leader your staff needs to succeed.

Focus your staff’s efforts — no matter how limited your resources — on journalism that answers your community’s needs.

Take advantage of the latest digital tools, skills and strategies.
Innovate, collaborate and coach people in new skills and ways of approaching their craft.

Deliver feedback that helps your staff improve, and successfully master those difficult conversations that most managers avoid.
Prioritize your work in order to invest your time more effectively.
Be the manager staffers want to work with—and bosses want to promote.

One last fact: Poynter’s Leadership Academy has provided a turning point in many a journalism career.

It could mark a turning point in yours.

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